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Sunday, May 22, 2016

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How to create WiFi hotspot from CMD

Today i'm going to show you how to create wifi hotspot using CMD. Although there are alots of software available which can create wifi hotspot esaily with single click but this tutorial show how these application function.

so lets begin

1.Open command promt(CMD) simply press start button and R and type cmd or search in all program

2.Then type following command

wlan show drivers
This command show about your wireless device.

3.Then type

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=yourhotspot name key=password

hit enter key

This command create wifi hotspot.

4.Again type

 netsh wlan start hostednetwork

 and hit enter .

This command start wifihotspot which we create earlier.

5.if you want to stop wifi then type following command:

netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

hit enter.


6.if you want to check how many user are connected then type following command:

netsh wlan show hostednetwork

and press enter.

This command show your SSID,Max no.of client.Athentication,cipher,no.of client,channel etc.

Skip 5 and 6 no.

7.Now its time to share internet connect.

Open open network and sharing center

Click on change adapter settings

8.Right click adapter which you use to connect the internet and click on properties 

9.Then you will see Sharing tab option click on it.

10.Check the box allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection and select the network connection name which is used by your wifi hotspot and press apply button.

Now you have successfully share internet connection. 
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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

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HTML tags

Some basic tag any web programmer:

The header of HTML documents is controlles by<Hn> and </Hn> tags.The value of b range from 1 to 6.The H1 is largest size of header and H6 is smallest of all.

    Where n=1,2,3,4,5 and 6
 Header alignment us also called used. Header us aligned to left by Default, but it a can be aligned center ,right or justify.

<Hn> align=”left/center/right/justify”>….</Hn>


It si used to move sursor in new line leaving blank space.It is used in beginning of text.In this way,it is used to separate different paragraph.

<p align=”left/center/right/justify”>-------</p>

This tag moves the cursor in new line without leaving blank spaces.


4.HR(horizontal ruler)
It is used to draw horizontal line to separate section. Its attributes are:
Color: color name

No shade:unshaded dark gray line without the hollow and slightly three dimensional appearance.
Size: number
Width: number or %
Align: Left/right/center

<HR size=”8 color=”blue”>:It draws 8 pixels thick blue line
This tag is used to place text in central position. The text written within <center> and </center> is aligned to the central part of document.



The  text color for whole page can be defines within <body> tag.

<BODY TEXT=”blue”>

The color of anchor text is also defines within <BODY> tags. The default color of LINK  is blue, default color of VLINK is purple and ALINK color is red for Netscape Navigator and Microsoft internet Explore.

<BODY TEXT=”green” LINK=”yellow” VLINK=”red” ALINK=”green”>
These are attributes of BODY tags used to set top and left margins of document. Some browser ignore these attributes.

These are also BODY attributes used to display background color and background images.

<BODY BGCOLOR=”build”>
<BODY BACKGROUND=”rain.gif”>

Sometime we use BGPROPERTIES attributes with BACKGROUND to prevent scrolling of images with text. This is a browser-sensitive attributes.

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Basic concept of HTML

HTML is a tag base scripting language, interpreted by browser. Hyper text is nonlinear text. It has a capacity of open a door of other related information or files.

Basic structure of HTML


This tag are backbone on which other tags are located.Other tag like <HEAD>..</HEAD>,<TITLE>….</TITLE> etc tag are located between <HTML>  and  </HTML>.
<HTML> tag is places in beginning and </HTML> is places in end of HTML document.

Under this tag title of webpage is written.Which is display in top of the web browser .
The <BODY> is the main body of HTML document in which multimedia link, several images are placed.


HTML code for basic webpage
welcome to my page
<body background="androidw.jpg">
<li><a href="#EXAMPLE">EXAMPLE</a></li>
<h2><a name="EXAMPLE" id="EXAMPLE"></a>EXAMPLE</h2>

Output is:

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

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How to connect or share your pc hard drive with your Smartphone.

Today I’m  going to show you how to connect/share pc hard drive to your smartphone. After doing this you can copy, cut, modify, stream video directly from your smartphone.
Before dong this make sure you had turn on following things:

 1.Click in the network and sharing which is in the right corner of taskbar

share hard drive to smartphone

2.Open open network and sharing


3.Click on change advance sharing settings

Advance sharing

4.New windows will appeared turn on everything except password protected sharing.

5.Now its time to share hard drive.

6.Open My computer

7.Right click on any partition you would like to share.
8.Click on properties 
share hard drive with ful permission

9.Dialog box will appeared click on sharing

10.Then your will see advance sharing option

11.Click on it.

12.You will see follwing dialog box

13.Click on share this folder

14.Again click on Permission

15.Now if you want share with full permission tick on allow full control,change,read

Or if you want to allow read only then tick on allow read and deny change and full control

16.Click on apply buttom.

17.Click on ok to save changes

You have successfully share your drive now its time to connect with smartphone.

18.Create wifi hotspot in your desktop or laptop.SEE HOW TO CREATE WIFI HOTSPOT USING


19.Now press start button and R button simultaneonusly or simply click on start menu and search CMD.

20.Type ipconfig

command prompt

21.Note down ipv4 address

Now it time to configure setting on your smartphone for this there are a lots apps available in playstore grab any of them today using ES file explore.

22.Connect in hotspot network you earlier created.

wifi mode

23.Open es file explore


24.Click on LAN

Add ip address

25.Now again click on + floating button


25.Type ip address you have noted earlier in server column
Fill your pc’s username and password
And hit ok.

Finally you have successfully get connect to your pc drive.You will see drive you had shared.Now you can stream movies,play music,view image as well as you can
manage file of drive.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

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How to run c compiler in any android phone

i will show how to run c compiler in android device without root

run c in android without root

In this post iam going to teach you how to run c compiler in android phone.No root require its easy too setup.

Download the file from given link

Copy TC folder in sdcard

Install andosbox app

Run andosbox

click option button
and select keyboard.

type. CD TC and press enter.

again type CD BIN and press enter.

once more type CD TC and press enter.

Now it is ready to run.

Download link:C compiler

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

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How to solve play store sign in problem and play store connection.

Lot of people are facing this problem
Most of them get  frustrated and reset their device to solve it.

Their are lots option to solve it.Resetting is one of then.But this isn't good option because if there is problem in "Host" file which is in system partition.Resetting become worthless.

In this tutorial few I am going to tell you best option.

                Option 1.
Clear data of play store force close it.
Make sure you have disable background data restrictions and relaunch the play store.

             Option 2.

Remove your Google account and relogin your account.

           Option 3.( for rooted user)

Use any root supported file explorer I recommend you to use Es file explorer.
Grant it root permission.
Mount system partition.
Goto system>etc> if you didn't found folder simple search Hosts.
Open it using any text editor
Clear all text inside it and copy localhost on it and save the hosts file reboot your device.

Still having problem comment below

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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How to hack WiFi password using androidumper in android phone.

In this post Iam going to show you how to hack WiFi password using App called androdumper.Before lunching app make sure your android is properly rooted and busybox must be installed.

1.Open androdumper app
2.Click in scan or device will automatically scan network.
3.click in any WPS enabled network
 4.You were asked root or non root method.
 5.If your android version is above 5.0 you can use non-root method if you aren't then use root method.Different between root method and non root method is in root method password is viewed after hack complete.


 For better understanding watch this video foe more please visit  >>>tricks expport 

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